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Mr JB - 21 yrs:

“I am a current patient suffering with Psoriasis. I am undergoing UVB Light Therapy twice a week and have received 14 treatments so far. Before the treatment, the Psoriasis was almost 'out of control' and violently spreading across my body. It originally started as a small patch on my arm, before suddenly spreading. Having Psoriasis can affect confidence and self-esteem, which it certainly did to me. Developing Psoriasis changed my life. I was unable to wear anything that showed my skin in public due to having low confidence, not wearing a t-shirt a shorts for 6 months.


I am coming towards the end of my treatment now, with only 6 remaining. At first the treatment lasts around 30 seconds and increases each time as your skin develops a tolerance for the light treatment, as it is like being in the sun for a long time. I started to notice a difference after just 3 treatments, the patches losing colour and reducing in size and inflammation. (I was told it usually takes 5-6 times to notice a difference, I must have reacted well).


After the treatment, my body temperature increases for around 24 hours before settling back to normal. It can make me quite drowsy from time to time and I have to make sure I take on plenty of water in the day to keep hydrated. It also causes the Psoriasis to temporarily inflame and become more red, before settling down. This means it takes between 24-48 hours to see the real affect that the treatment has had.


The treatment has now changed my life back around. I am now wearing t-shirts in public and I am only left with small, hardly noticeable patches, which I am expecting to disappear by the end of the treatment. I feel happy, confident and like my normal self again. A great side-affect is that you get a good tan with nice bronzed skin. As you can see by the photos, the change is fantastic.


I couldn't be more thankful to Dr. Alexandroff and the staff that have given me the treatment.”


Mr SL:
“ I had been to see my GP, no less than 6 times for a skin condition, I had blisters on my face, legs, neck and back. I had reminded my doctor that I had Coeliac Disease.
My GP kept giving me different creams and ointments with out actually taking time to investigate what the issue could be. Having suffered for approximately 4 months I made an appointment to see Dr Alexandroff at Spire hospital.
After the initial consultation I was given an appointment to have blood tests done, skin graft etc.
I had a total of 5 appointments and minor treatments and my problem was diagnosed.
I would like to personally thank Dr Alexandroff for all the care and attention given to me while under his treatment. My condition is well under control now and skin had improved by 90 per cent in a few months. I recommend Dr Alexandroff for anyone suffering any skin condition and for a caring service.“
Mrs AT:
"I am glad that i got my skin blemish checked out by Mr Alexandroff, he performed a simple procedure, the whole experience was quick, painless and easy. Within 1 week my mind was put at rest when the diagnosis came through, and even though I had a few stitches I was able to continue with my holiday plans as they (the stitches) dissolved within a few days.”
Mrs NJ – 40 yrs:
"I've suffered from chronic Psoriasis for over 30 years and spent weeks in hospital, with the only available treatment being coal tar, ointment based, which had very little effect. Following changes to my diet, over the years, I had managed to control it fairly well, until a recent bout of tonsillitis caused a flare up again. The impact of my throat infection caused a reaction resulting in 90% body coverage, and on my scalp. Following a referral to Dr Alexandroff, where I was prescribed an odour free gel and light treatment, my Psoriasis is now fully cleared 4 months later and is the best treatment I have ever received for my Psoriasis. I can't thank Dr Alexandroff enough for acknowledging the distress a skin condition causes, and also the benefits of treatment which no-one else has to know about and is very effective, and would highly recommend his consultation for anyone who has a chronic skin condition. His empathy and care have made a real difference to my skin and my confidence."
Mrs CW – 63 yrs
“I have been seeing Dr. Anton Alexandroff for a couple of years with Psoriasis on my knee. I have found him to be very professional, but caring and kind. He also has a good sense of humour which makes the consultation easier. I would definitely recommend him to anyone with skin problems.”
Mrs LB – 20 yrs:
" I am a patient who has suffered from Alopecia since the age of 10. I battled though my teenage years with total loss of hair until I managed to find a treatment that worked. I cannot describe how difficult it is to go through this at such an image focused time of life , having a huge effect on my confidence and self esteem. After successful treatment the medication was unfortunately withdrawn resulting in the loss of my hair for a second time by the age of 19.
I owe so much to DR Alexandroff for re introducing the treatment I so desperately needed. I currently have treatment once a week which has stimulated growth in the patches I have around my head. This treatment is nothing less than life changing for me and hope other people with the same condition can benefit as I have. I would recommend Dr Alexandroff to anyone going through the same."
Mr NS – 61 yrs:
“Dear Dr Alexandroff,
thank you for seeing me about my skin problems. Thanks for suggesting the
medication which has helped me a lot. My itching has almost stopped and hope it does not give me any further problems. I shall continue with the creams you have suggested. Once again thanks a lot.”
Mrs FH – 40 yrs:
“Many thanks for the recent treatment of Omalizub injections. I can not believe the results since having the injections. I have suffered from urticaria for a number of years and have been talking various types of antihistamines'. They have controlled my hives to stop them itching but the injections have totally made them disappear. It has made me feel better about myself and feel confident to bear my arms and legs. I don't feel embarrassed as the hives can be unsightly to other people who don't know the condition. I can't thank you enough and recommend that the injection is used for other sufferers.”
Mrs DL – 72 yrs.
“I am writing to thank you for your care and considerate treatment to me over the past few weeks. As you can imagine, being told a small funny-looking spot on my leg was cancerous, was a great shock. However, you explained the difference between various skin cancers and the treatment needed in my case with great care and clarity. You answered questions from both me and my husband with patience and good humour.
The extra concern shown to me by coming along to the treatment room when the nurse removed the sutures was much appreciated.
My speedy recovery bears testimony to your skilful removal of the lesion and the scar is fading fast! Once again, many thanks.”
Mr RS 54 yrs:
I saw Dr Alexandroff at the Nuffield in Cambridge for initial assessment of skin lesions on 11 May followed by cryotherapy removal of about 10 moles and keratoses. The procedure was very quick (less than 15 minutes for the lot!) and successful, and  I would like to have another batch removed.

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